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Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist

Dr. Huma Mahmood

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Dr-Huma-Mamood-Top-Psychiatrist of the month
Patients Choice Award
Doctors Choice Award 2014
Main-Line-Mental-Health-Philly-Happenings Award 2018

Dr. Mahmood earned her undergraduate degree from Tufts University in Medford, MA, where she majored in Pre-Medicine and Child Development. Dr. Mahmood went on to earn her medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-SOM, where she focused on Psychiatry and Neurology. Additionally, she volunteered at the Child Abuse Research Education & Service Institute, working with child abuse victims.

She completed a post-doctoral training in a rigorous, three-year general psychiatry residency at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia, PA. During her residency training, Dr. Mahmood worked at the Germantown Crisis Response Center in Philadelphia. Dr. Mahmood went on to attend the Child & Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship program at Thomas Jefferson University where she was nominated and served as the Chief Resident during her second year.

Dr. Mahmood obtained her Board Certification in Psychiatry and Neurology and then her subspecialty Board Certification in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

In addition to her rapidly expanding private practice on the Main Line, Dr. Mahmood also works as a Child, Adolescent & Adult Psychiatrist at The Horsham Clinic in Ambler, PA. There, she heads an acute Dual Diagnosis inpatient unit.

Dr. Mahmood comes from a family of physicians and understands the importance of practicing effective patient care. Dr. Mahmood is well regarded by her colleagues as evidenced by her nomination for the Doctors’ Choice Awards in 2015. She received the Doctors’ Choice Award for Top Psychiatrist in the nation in October 2015, Doctors’ Choice Award for Top Adolescent Psychiatrist in Philadelphia in 2015 and Patients’ Choice Awards in 2014 & 2015. In 2016 Dr. Mahmood was voted in the TOP 100 Doctor’s in the nation. She is often described as ‘compassionate’, ‘professional’, and ‘dedicated’ to her patients.

Credentialed and Experienced


Facility Director

Rob Puzycki, MA, LPC, EMDR Certified

Rob Puzycki, Facility Director and a Licensed Professional Counselor, motivated by his love for psychology and desire to be present through the process of healing and recovery with the individuals we serve at Supreme Wellness Recovery.  Rob has been working in the field of addiction and co-occurring mental health since 2013.  Rob was inspired to work in the counseling fields after he graduated from college when he worked at an overnight homeless shelter in Philadelphia as a seasonal job in the winter. Rob’s deep insight, compassion and love for therapy speaks when he describes what he has discovered in his years of counseling stating that “the symptoms we want to be rid of have deep roots that a part of our being actually fears to lose”.

Rob is passionate about taking a holistic and person-centered approach to therapy as to meet everyone’s unique needs and characteristics.  He believes that a therapeutic alliance is built upon a foundation of “allowing”, allowing for the individual to guide the therapy process without interfering with his own personal ideas of ways life. Rob creatively draws from a variety of evidenced based theoretical orientations and interventions based upon the individual’s specific needs.  Models include:  Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Gestalt Experiential therapies, Existentialism, and Coherence Therapy because “it allows someone to understand the “needs” of symptoms we want to get rid of”.

Rob can be described as highly intelligent, organized, and efficient while simultaneously having all in his presence in tears from laughter as he is hilarious and truly a kind human being.  In his personal life, Robert loves hiking, working out and playing with his dogs.  He holds a special affinity for the Tibetan Spaniel breed inspired by his pup Lilly.  Ultimately, what speaks volumes, is Roberts deeply compassionate nature which is profoundly soothing to the individuals we serve as well as to the counselors he supervises, creating a safe and healthy therapy and work environment.

Director of Business & Marketing

Aaron Rultenberg

Born and raised in Montgomery County, PA, Aaron is thrilled to be continuing his career back home.

After college at Towson University, Aaron began his professional career in the substance abuse field in South Florida. He has gathered experience in multiple facets of the industry, including day-to-day operations and later transitioning to administrative management.

Aaron’s passion for the substance abuse field stems from his belief of a broken system surrounding the failed war-on-drugs. Rebuilding a failed system takes time and effort. By working hard to have a positive impact on individual lives, we begin that reformation – one client at a time.

“Pioneering spirit should continue, not to conquer the planet or space… but rather to improve the quality of life.” – Bertrand Piccard (1884-1962)

Dedicated and Empowering


Clinical Director – Blue Bell Location

Jillian Jackson, MSW

Jillian Jackson received her undergraduate degree from University of Delaware and went on to receive her Masters of Social Work from Marywood University.  Currently a Licensed Clinical Social Worker,  Jillian began her career working with adolescents and, while she continues to specialize in helping adolescents today, Jillian expanded her expertise to include adults.

Jillian uses a holistic approach to help individuals with depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance use, ADHD and myriad other issues and conditions. Jillian’s extensive experience includes working in an inpatient psychiatric setting, a community mental health center, private practice, grant writing and creating programming for adolescents.

Jillian is trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy, a specific approach to treating stress and trauma and recently presented on this at a conference. Jillian is also Reiki I certified and experienced in couples and family therapy. She is additionally skilled in connecting clients with local resources.

Jillian served on the Network of Victim’s Assistance Young Professional Board and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers. Her wide variety of experience and her leadership skills allow her to connect with clients to identify the root of the issue and develop a plan to obtain goals and find peace. Jillian’s empathy and passion are evident in every facet of her work.

Clinical Director – Newtown Location

George Kupinewicz, MSW, LSW

George is a licensed social worker who graduated at top of his class from Temple University with a master’s degree in social work. George is driven by his passion to help others and has been working in the field of addiction and co-occurring mental health since 2012.

George tailors a holistic health care model to meet the individual’s specific characteristics and needs. Using an eclectic approach, George draws from a variety of theoretical perspectives using evidence-based research, interventions, and creativity. Models include, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Family Therapy, and Life Skill enhancement.

George works with the individual and their families to draw out strengths to empower and elicit vision of hope. George’s favorite quote, “we have the power to re-invent ourselves.”

Social Worker

Nichole Smith

Nichole boasts a social work degree from West Chester University along with wide-ranging training in drug and alcohol, mental health, case management, and motivational interviewing. 

She was employed with Juvenile Probation for nine years where she worked with young adults, individuals, and families using an eclectic approach tailored to the unique needs of each client. Nichole has experience in a variety of settings, understands the inner workings of the drug and alcohol system, and has worked with diverse clients, including both long-term and brief interventions.

In addition to her many abilities listed above Nichole brings an energy and motivation that is an inspiration to those around her.  Her knowledge and her passion rubs off on anyone working with her creating a team environment with everyone focused and motivated to provide the best services to all her clients.

Primary Counselor

Gina Tomaselli

Gina comes from a vast background in addiction treatment. She has been part of the addiction field for 10 years and has experience in a wide variety of levels of care (detox, inpatient, partial hospitalization intensive outpatient, and general outpatient).

When Gina started at Supreme, she started as a Care Coordinator and has recently been promoted to Associate Counselor. Gina has completed her Associates degree in Social Work and is beginning to work on her Bachelor’s degree.

Clinical Therapist

Jennifer Kotch, MFT

Jennifer completed a her Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Holy Family University in August of 2015. She started her career working with adolescent in an emergency shelter program while completing her Bachelor Degree at Penn State University.

She has worked in adolescent group homes and in a respite program for children with Autism. She then moved on to working with adolescents and their families in a Family Based Program. She has extensive experience working in both mental health and substance abuse settings. She has worked in both MAT and Drug-free programs supporting clients in their homes, community, and in an office.

Jennifer uses a systemic approach based largely around Structural Family Therapy Theory. She also uses Motivational Interviewing, Person-Center approach, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Solution Focused Therapy to help her clients feel empowered and motivated.

She believes that the family structure changes with each change an individual within the system makes and it is important to have the family system involved in treatment. Jennifer has the thought that every person deserves to be happy and has the power to change their life; Therapy is just one avenue to assist with each individual’s journey.

Primary Counselor

Erika Flores, CAADC

Erika is a licensed alcohol and drug counselor experienced in the field of addiction medicine working with individuals in a variety of different modalities such as MAT, Inpatient, Outpatient, Criminal Justice Treatment, and Outreach. Erika uses an eclectic approach of evidenced based practices as well as holistic approaches to meet the unique and diverse needs of each individual. Her career started with men and woman in the homeless population and who were in treatment as an alternative to incarceration.

Erika was known amongst the addiction community for her knowledge of community resources and her ability to help people of all cultural backgrounds with substance abuse, mental health, domestic violence, homelessness and trauma. Today she applies her skills and experience to help individuals navigate their community resources, empower them to regain control of their lives and increase their commitment towards self-discovery and independence free of illicit substances.

Primary Counselor

Jennifer L. McBride, MSW

Jennifer received a bachelors and Master’s degree (1999 and 2003) in Social Work from Widener University. In 2009, Jennifer completed a certificate program at Bryn Mawr College in Clinical counseling. Since then, she has worked in the field of addiction recovery for ten years in various settings such as intensive outpatient and outpatient programs that provide medication assisted treatment. Throughout her work she recognizes the importance of creating a safe space in order to develop a strong therapeutic relationship that will foster healing and recovery.

Jennifer believes in treating all individuals with respect, compassion, and dignity while being mindful of cultural and ethnic diversity. Jennifer’s theoretical approach is person centered and utilizes Motivational interviewing and Cognitive behavioral techniques.

Primary Counselor

Melissa Hood-March, B.S.

Melissa has been treating individuals with co-occurring disorders since she began teaching trauma sensitive yoga over six years ago which evolved into her growth as a therapist. Melissa graduated at the top of her class at Penn State University and is actively pursuing her Masters in Counseling at Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School for Addiction Studies, which will then lead to state licensure. Melissa’s personal life’s journey and experiences have provided her with passion and purpose to help others on their paths.

Melissa believes it is essential in a process of healing and recovery to bring the body into treatment, as an awareness of one’s sensations and physical responses, also understood as “a felt sense” of one’s experience, is an integral part of psychological well-being and is crucial to authentically experiencing one’s feelings. What makes Melissa unique from many clinicians is her authenticity in being, or as the well renown Irvin D. Yalom would describe, “a fellow traveler”. She invests her time and energy wisely into each session, and interaction with her individual clients and groups. She believes the most important part of the therapeutic relationship is Safety, Compassion, Attunement and Respect. Her primary therapeutic approaches are, but not limited to, ACT, DBT, Somatic Psychology approaches such as dance, yoga, Tai Chi and Chi Going as well as Gestalt interventions such as role playing, empty chair, art therapy and creative writing. Melissa expresses, “I feel most connected to methods which bring out the client’s core values and that are experiential in nature”. Melissa displays her holistic expertise through the utilization of trauma sensitive and informed interventions that are creative and experiential coupled with traditional foundations to build safety and stability within the therapeutic alliance.

Aside from being an amazing mom, the best way to describe Melissa is to see her as: a giver and receiver of healing, a dancer, explorer and adventurer of nature and life. Her amazing gift of seeing the world as a blessing to be a part of is contagious not just for her friends and family, but also the clients she serves every day.

One of Melissa’s favorite quotes that speaks to her philosophy in her life and her work:
“I believe there is something magical that happens when we open up ourselves to be received. In the witnessing of the other – the formless becomes a shared experience of interconnection and healing.”
-Phoenix Onesong Marolda

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Empowering those who suffer from addiction through high quality treatment nurturing the mind, body and spirit.

We believe that in order to achieve our mission, we need to adhere to a philosophy and practice of health and wellness for our staff and clients. The healthier the organization is, the greater the quality of service we can provide. We take pride in our growing business and dedicated staff. Supreme Wellness is a diverse team of professionals committed to achieving positive client outcomes by delivering appropriate quality care in an ethical and compassionate manner. We look to treat the whole person by providing not only clinical treatment, but also life and job skills to invest in their own future. Recovery can be maintained with a purpose.

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We create a quality of care to meet our clients’ needs and the needs of the community.


We deliver extensible, customized care to meet the needs of individual clients.


We seek to set and deliver industry standards for behavioral health programming, service, and care.


We are committed to achieving the highest standards of ethics and compliance.


We are a strong provider of integrated clinical team support for our employees.


We meet defined financial goals to sustain the viability of the programs that support our clients.

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Supreme Wellness is a diverse team of professionals committed to achieving positive client outcomes by delivering appropriate quality care in an ethical and compassionate manner. We look to treat the whole person by providing not only clinical treatment, but also life and job skills to invest in their own future.